Travel Fulfillment Services

TEH TFS Global is one of the few world leaders in Travel Fulfillment Services. Dedicated to distinctive quality in the development and implementation of global services and information, our service-oriented culture is a powerful advantage. TEH TFS is an outsource service that offers you all the advantages of our global expertise. You'll quickly see the benefits of our years invested in the fulfillment business by serving Travel Operators.

We Manage All Your Services

TEH TFS is a mid-office and back-office fulfillment service center. Everything your customers expect, and more. We deliver exceptional fulfillment support, 24 x 7 x 365. We are the mid-office and back-office support for your web site, and can handle all your mid-office and back-office troubleshooting. In addition, we'll hire and train our staff to work with your web site and meet your technical and account requirements. Your customized, cost-effective TEH TFS interface will build customer loyalty for you by providing outstanding service to your customers.

Build Your Brand on Service

TEH TFS will meet 100% of your standards for customer service. Period. We can make that promise because our sole business is to keep your internal and external customers happy, increase brand loyalty and improve your financial returns. You can trust your customers to us, because we are confident we can serve your customers well. We'll build your business standards, issue resolution procedures, tracking and metrics into a custom quality control program. And we'll continually use feedback from the system to develop training and improve our performance.

We'll Manage your Staffing

We focus on the needs of our Fulfillment Care Staff, so they can focus on the needs of your customers. We carefully recruit, train, compensate and work to retain the best people, providing a positive work environment and career development opportunities. TEH TFS has lower turnover and that's better for the service. As our partner, you're invited to be involved in the selection process, to ensure the right match with your dedicated team. Experience has shown that this step enhances our relationship and further supports your goals.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

From caller greeting to delivery follow-up, from best-customer protocols to staffing standards, TEH TFS will partner with you to ensure a seamless interface that enhances your customers’ satisfaction and provides measurable returns on your investment. By the same token, you can expect top-tier customer service from TEH TFS. Your dedicated Account Manager / General Manager will review and submit regular reports and coordinate daily, weekly and monthly contacts to quickly resolve issues as they arise, to monitor quality and benchmark standards, an to plan and implement long-range goals.

Customize Your Metrics

Even the best staff are only as effective as the information at their fingertips, so our online open-access knowledge base gives them immediate and complete customer histories. Our architecture is fully integrated, so every point of contact with any customer via any channel is recorded and instantly available. As a result, sophisticated metrics are a snap. We can track and report on any and all customer issues, collaborating with you daily to develop training, make site recommendations, manage issue resolution and enhance the customer experience.

Provide Top-Tier Service

Whether your customers phone, fax, email or logon to contact us, our technology process ensures that the service they'll receive will be consistent, courteous and comprehensive. Each contact will reinforce your brand and build customer loyalty.


  • Reject Queue Management
  • Schedule Changes
  • Ticket Re-issues / Exchanges
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Car Bookings


    • Real-Time Sales Transaction Tracking
    • TEH TFS provides Travel Operators / Agencies
    • Accounting, Airline Reporting, Refunds, Re-Issues, Airline Debit Memo Processing
    • Hotel, Car, Airline Commission Tracking and Collection
    • Travel Document Delivery on behalf of clients